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Customize Azure DevOps using Aggregator

Ovo predavanje je na engleskom jeziku.

We will see how to customize Azure DevOps (ex Visual Studio Team Services, ex Team Foundation Server) using a powerful tool like Aggregator.
Version 2 made a simple task adding rules to TFS on-premise, now vervsion 3 offers a full support to Azure DevOps; furthermore rules are more powerful, no more limited to Boards (work items) events, but to new types like Git events.
You can please your _Project Manager_/_Scrum Master_ by automating task creation, or roll-ups; or automatically inject a set of reviewers in a Pull Request.
Even if you will never use Aggregator, you can learn something from its use of Azure and Azure DevOps API and build your own tooling.

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Materijali s predavanja

Giulio Vian

Glass Lewis Europe Ltd

Giulio started coding assembler on a Sinclair ZX80, but now he is scripting Azure and hacking pipelines for Glass Lewis & Co. Before, he programmed in many different languages, worked in a few countries and consulting dozens of disparate customers.
Microsoft MVP 2016-19 on Azure DevOps, he speaks at local and international events for fun and passion.

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