All you have to know about Microsoft IoT

It is obvious that Cloud, BigData and IoT becoming true mega trends. They are consisted technological part for Digital Transformation process, which has a massive impact on every developer. In this talk, You will learn about most important Azure Services, related to Microsoft IoT universe. However integrating many incompatible small devices with each other is a task of building highly complex distributed systems. In this session you will learn how to build modern IoT solution on example of Amazon Alexa, Azure Iot Hub and Windows IoT Core. Based on many demos, you will learn how IoTHub works and how devices like Amazon Echo Dot can be integrated in the Azure and Windows IoT platform. This session focuses all software architects and developers. All other species are welcome to join and have at least some fun.

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Damir Dobrić


Damir Dobric is co-founder, managing director and lead architect of DAENET Corporation, which is Microsoft long term Gold Certified Partner and leading technology integrator specialized in Microsoft technologies with strong focus on Windows, .NET and Web. He is with DAENET winner of worldwide Technology Innovation Award for year 2005, German innovation award for SOA in 2008 and Microsoft Partner of the year 2010. Damir is working with Microsoft on helping customers to adopt new technologies. He has well over 25 years of experience as a developer, architect, speaker and author. He focuses practical implementation of custom solutions, which target integration of devices and services. He is MVP, Microsoft Partner Technical Solution Specialist for Azure, Docent for Software Engineering on University of applied sciences in Frankfurt am Main with focus on Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing and member of several advisory groups.

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