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Workshop 'Imagine Branch of the Future' vol.1

As the challenge for this Design Thinking demonstration we propose Redesign the Retail Experience. The programme would begin with a short introduction to Design Thinking methodology (around 30 minutes) and would include several examples from the retail industry. After this, we would divide the participants in pairs, handed out the forms and work materials and facilitated further activities that are divided into 10-minute blocks. Before each activity the head coach will provide detailed inputs and directions to participants, along with examples, with a support team in place to provide help and clarifications for participants. Basic idea is to „sprint“ through the whole Design Thinking process in a limited timeframe and controlled environment, as well as to give participants hands-on experience of applying different methods, tools and principles commonly used in Design Thinking projects. For this approach we don't prepare a case study in advance, and instead the process relies on the participant's personal experiences with the retail industry. While working in pairs, participants will change roles and gather inputs and insights from one another, analyse and redefine the initial challenge, brainstorm and build the prototype of the proposed solution within the allotted time slot, and in the end present the prototype made for their partner. The logic behind this approach is to have participants recognize valuable insights derived from interviewing their partner that are also applicable to a much larger population. The participants then address the insights and work to solve the perceived challenge for the customer by including him or her in the whole process and integrating all feedback that they get into the final prototype, instead of just working on the solution internally and coming up with the final product that the customer may or may not like.

Miroslav Kosović


Miroslav is Partner at Sense Consulting where he oversees developing and managing the company’s business in the area of regulatory reform, administrative burden reduction and business environment simplification. As a designer and innovator of consulting, marketing and PR tools, products and methodologies he combines different business, art and science disciplines. Miroslav is also a EU project specialist with 10+ years of hands-on experience in project proposal writing (50+ project proposals, facilitated 1,5+ million EUR to SME's, corporations and NGO's), and has specific professional experience in project management, business development and acquisition of public and private sector projects (EC/EU, World Bank, UNDP, etc.), including implementation and coordination of EU funded projects. He is also a coach and trainer on issues relating to EU funds (idea development, project proposal writing, project implementation). He is the author of a serial column in Croatia’s most successful business magazine, author of numerous articles on Design Thinking, product and service development and innovation management, and has received the Croatian Project Management Institute's Special Award for facilitating the usage of EU funds in Croatia as well as numerous awards for his literary accomplishments. He graduated in business studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology and received a master’s degree in European Studies from the Zagreb Faculty of Political Sciences. He has attended numerous informal trainings and educational programs in top European institutions. Miroslav is also a Design Thinking expert, both in practitioner and trainer capacity, educated by Hasso Plattner Institute, a world’s leading design thinking school and a sister institution to Stanford’s d.school, and has had a leading role in developing and implementing 40+ workshops on Design Thinking with 400+ attendees  

Marko Škrobo


Marko currently works as a Senior Consultant in Sense Group, the leading management consultancy in South East Europe with a goal to help organizations grow in a faster and smarter way. The holistic approach to problem solving applied in the company inevitably includes customer and human-centered approach, and Design Thinking principles are often applied in different projects. Besides Sense Group, Marko has gained significant professional experience in tourism industry. Within Sense Group, Marko is a Design Thinking practitioner, in-house innovator and a team member for projects with significant IT components. He has extensive demonstrable experience with companies that operate in several sectors, from those that are production oriented, through tourism to pharmacy, and has led projects for one of the largest banks that operates in Croatia. Marko was responsible for the concept, development and implementation of organizations' innovation system, as well as the evaluation of gathered ideas, their development, realization and bringing them to the market. He also has an active role in building, sustaining and developing company's innovative culture. Marko is also one of the authors of final report for national innovation potential of Croatian businesses (Croatian Quotient of Innovation). Marko has studied business economics at VERN' University and FH Wien where he acquired his bachelor’s degree. He is an author of a number of articles on innovation management, idea commercialization and corporative culture improvements, and is actively involved in Croatian start-up scene, with engagements ranging from a jury member in several start-up competitions to providing long-term mentoring and advisory support in funding attraction. Marko is also a Design Thinking coach, educated by Hasso Plattner Institute, one of the world's leading institutions and sister institution of Stanford d.school. He has been actively involved in planning, organisation and implementation of numerous Design Thinking trainings and workshops through which over 300+ leaders in several industries were introduced to Design Thinking.