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How to make a Dream Team?

The difference between winning and losing is often very small…Competition is hard nowadays. Your teams will make the difference! So what is your approach in building teams? What is the difference between a group of individuals and a solidair group? How to come from solidarity to Performance? What is different in a dream team? Have you ever been part of a Dream Team? Why was it different? What was different in delivering the results? In the behaviour of the team members?” 9 ingredients come back in all Dream teams around the world: let’s find out how your teams score on each of these points 1. Is the objective of your CY common and sexy? Coaching only on result/excel sheets is not sustainable! How to make the future so clear, aspiring and inspiring that everyone gets into a pro-active mode?? 2. Having nice values on internet is not enough. Without an ethical code a boat turns very quickly into a pirate boat… Making values live on the working floor using an ethical code has been one of the critical success factors in all teams I ever worked with… 3. Trust: you must deserve it every single day, you can lose it in a split second. How high is Trust in your team? How much energy do we lose here? Trust in Peer level? Top down? Bottom up? If distrust, is it related to the past, the future, or the present? 4. Talent management: From KPI to KDI: what are your unique talents? (≠ what you studied…) How often do you use these talents in your daily job? When did you stretch yourself the last time? 5. Are the roles clear? Matrixes were created to optimize performance. But we should not forget that roles need to be re-clarified every time anything changes in the matrix… Maybe time consuming, but pays back… 6. How to create a motivating working environment? The working environment often looks great (nice offices…) But what does the working environment really look alike? Do people really feel involved? The 6 ingredients mentioned above are important to come from a group of individuals to a Performant team. How to build a Dream Team? Join this class and discover the last 3 ingredients! Key Learnings from the session: 1. Create a framework and a common language about highest performing teams for themselves to use, and for open debate with the teams afterwards 2. Learn from each other where they think our teams are at this moment, clarifying the energy leaks: decide for which of the ingredients extra work and attenti

Koen Gonnissen

Mentally Fit Institute

Koen Gonnissen learned his coaching job on the sports field accompanying for about 10 years top sport athletes (mainly tennis men). As captain of the Belgian Davis Cup team the team reached the quarter and the year after the semi-final of the world group. After his international sports career he specialized since end 1998 in training and coaching corporate teams and individuals, managers and executives. 5 % of his time he keeps on working with top athletes as mental and energy coach: in 2010 with Kim Clijsters preparing her come back working on the “tennis playing mom” concept and also building a dream team around Kim, in 2011 with the cyclist team Omega Pharma Lotto (Philippe Gilbert, Andre Greipl…) working on the philosophy “Riding as One”… Making his transfer to the corporate world he wrote with Alain Goudsmet the book “The Corporate Athlete” describing interesting parallels between the sports and the corporate world. If you learn just one thing in top sport it is that efficient energy management is the only way to high sustained performance: in the corporate world it is not different! “Manage your energy, not just your time!” Koen works on individual and on team level. Reality shows that it is a big challenge for most managers to build a team out of a group of individuals. Using a combination of academical models and practical examples and cases from the sports world he loves to stimulate teams to get out of their comfort zone, and to find an internal motivation to get to a better cooperation and more efficient performances. “Are you working in a dream team?” As a coach/trainer and executive coach Koen stretches the potential of an individual trough better insight in personal talent, social intelligence, a better understanding of team dynamics, working on “bridging” capacities. He has a specific interest in the inner physiology of the human potential under pressure and is specialized in change management and interpersonal effectiveness. “And you, are you a Corporate Athlete or a Corporate Kamikaze?”