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The Case for PowerShell: Why You Should Learn-PowerShell So You Needn't Leave-Industry

Once in a while, Microsoft comes up with a technology that EVERYONE -- devs, IT pros and everyone in-between -- needs to know. One of those is... PowerShell. For developers, it's a REPL tool for prototyping and exploring .NET, it's the basis of NuGet, and a way to radically remodel Visual Studio. For IT pros, it's an automation tool that'll remind you less of "opaque VBScript" and more of Legos, it's a collection of administrative timesavers, and is increasingly the ONLY way to accomplish some things in Windows. (It's also gosh-darned addictive, but you'll have to take our word on that.) Now, that's probably not news to most of the folks reading this. (We know this because whenever techie speaker Mark Minasi talks to a big crowd and asks, "how many of you have 'learn PowerShell' on your list of 'stuff you have to do really soon?,'" 98 percent of the hands are raised.) PowerShell, however, can seem like an awfully large topic to learn... so where to start? Simple: with this simple, purpose-driven introduction based on Mark's recent webinar of the same name, which had to be run twice because the thousands of people trying to view it crashed the hoster's servers. Join Mark in this clear, fast-paced jumpstart on Microsoft's premier new admin tool... and Feel The Power(Shell)! -Get inspired to make that leap to PowerShell that you KNOW you've got to do, from a speaker who's been convincing Windows admins to use and BUILD automation tools for the past 25 years -See how easy it is and how much just a little PowerShell can accomplish

Mark Minasi