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WinDays Virtual

WinDays conference on Wednesday, 22nd April, brings WinDays Virtual, program day that will take place online. All who are interested will be able to watch the program via Microsoft Teams live event. How to organize remote work, why we should thanks to the IT for enabling us to work remotely and are we secure while working remotely are some of the business and technology topics covered by domestic and foreign speakers. During the entertaining part of the program participants will be able to enjoy exclusive conversation and performance by Ivan Dečak, frontman of the band Vatra, who will present their new single "Sva naša ljeta". 

To take part, you don't have to register. WinDays Virtual is free for everyone. Scroll down to find links for the live stream.

WinDays Virtual is part of the WinDays20 conference that will take place at Maistra hotels in Rovinj in autumn.

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