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How we moved our environments to the cloud

This session is in English.

In this talk, you will hear about the DevOps journey in our company, from the initial brown-field all-manual state, to our current situation where we migrated (almost) everything to the cloud using automation in a few months. Not a migration but rebuilding the environment using Infrastructure-as-Code tools: Terraform, Powershell, Ansible, TFS/Azure DevOps. In equilibrium between an high-level view and useful practical tips, we will touch on what informed our decisions, in terms of priorities and technologies, some lessons learned, and how the legacy constraints helped or hindered.

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Giulio Vian

Glass Lewis Europe Ltd

Giulio started coding assembler on a Sinclair ZX80, but now he is scripting Azure and hacking pipelines for Glass Lewis & Co. Before, he programmed in many different languages, worked in a few countries and consulting dozens of disparate customers.
Microsoft MVP 2016-19 on Azure DevOps, he speaks at local and international events for fun and passion.

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