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NextGeneration Relationship Management Platform

Selecta is a CRM platform made of following modules- Operational, Analytical, and Campaign Management Module. By reducing lead time, increasing organizational processes and enhancing cross-sell opportunities, Selecta moves companies to the next level of productivity. Selecta’s unique architecture achieves an exceptional performance, stability, and scalability of the system. Two main parts of the system are Real-time Decision Hub and unified front-end. By using Big Data and data lake concept, data is collected and centralized in order to improve business processes, while streaming data in real-time. Real-time Decision Hub provides business logic of the system (BPM) and management of CRM business processes. CRM front-end application provides centralized screening of all relevant data about clients, collected from different sources and synchronized in real time. Operational module gives 360 customer view, fully defined and automated sales process, and provides insight into NextBestAction and NextBestOffer for each customer, calculated based on real-time decisioning. By leveraging the latest technologies, Analytical module collects, cleans and integrates data between source systems. Furthermore, recommender systems based on Big Data concept allow companies to anticipate a product that needs to be suggested to the user and find relations between hidden factors crucial for purchase decisions. Campaign Management is a tool that collects data from wide specter of channels, enables creating targeted and personalized campaigns, segments customers, and finally, tracks and measures results of conducted campaigns. Campaign Management module supports inbound and outbound campaigns, allowing full sales process automation.

Kristina Knežević

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