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LoRa vs NB-IOT vs LTE: Which IoT Standard Has The Edge?

The recent surge in the worldwide low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), the rapid advancements in machine learning and M2M communication standards along with availability of cheap LPWAN tools and energy-saving devices the IoT ecosystem became even more cutting edge. In this presentation I will explain how edge computing functions, benefits and drawbacks of each low power communication standard and how to implement them with plenty of everyday use cases all covered by physical demos. Let's connect the edges of the world together.

Rastko Đorđević


Rastko Đorđević ima 16 godina i učenik je 2. godine ETŠ "Nikola Tesla". Fokusiran je na Microsoft-ove tehnologije, pogotovo Azure IoT i čitav IoT ekosistem. Uglavnom koristi C# za programiranje, ali voli da eksperimentiše i uči nove programske jezike. Predavač na mnogobrojnim konferencijama u regionu.