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Deep dive into Entity Framework 6

Entity Framework 6.0 is the next version of Entity Framework and the first major version to be released since the project moved to an open source development model on CodePlex. In this session you'll learn about some of the changes happening to EF as a result of going open source. We'll also drill into some of the cool new features shipping in EF6 like async support, connection resiliency, code-based configuration and the various Code First improvements we are making in the release: custom conventions, support for stored procedures and multiple contexts per database, etc.

Diego Vega


Diego Vega is currently a Developer Lead on the Entity Framework team at Microsoft. Originally he joined the team as a Program Manager and worked on several core areas of the product such as LINQ to Entities, POCO support, T4-based code generation, etc. Then he and a few others gestated the big shift that started with EF 4.1, Code First and the DbContext API, and that more recently gave rise to the open sourcing of the EF codebase. Before Microsoft, Diego spent almost two decades working as a developer primarily building data-centric applications and small frameworks, and as a consultant, helping others create better software and make the most of their code investments.