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Thursday, December 3, 2020

WinDays celebrate their 20th birthday online!

WinDays20 powered by Microsoft conference starts in 5 days, which will celebrate its 20th birthday with the first edition in a completely online format.

Most of the lectures and panels will be broadcast live from the Zagreb Mozaik Event Center (with respect to all current epidemiological measures), and participants will be able to follow all events via livestream on There are more than 70 lectures in the schedule, which are divided into three directions - business, technological and business - technological, and everything that the participants miss, they will be able to watch later.

The business course, with a series of lectures, such as The Story of Porsche Digital Croatia or Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture, will bring as many as 8 panel discussions over three days. The gaming industry is one of the most potent industries globally - currently worth $ 160 billion (more than film and music combined) and is estimated to grow to $ 200 billion by 2023. The domestic gaming industry is growing an incredible 50 percent a year (imagine that our GDP is growing at this rate), and this year it will fetch HRK 400 million in revenue. Panel moderator I would just play son. You don't have that money! ... Or do you still have it? Dragan Petric (Bug) will talk to the panelists on Monday, December 7, about whether Croatia can become a serious player on the world eSport scene. Mario Čelan (Development Agency of Sisak-Moslavina County) is convinced that he can, so the town of Novska plans to build a campus worth 420 million kuna. What do the leading players on the domestic and global scene, Luka Marušić (Cr4zy AG) and Daniel Lučić (CroTeam) think about this investment? Oleg Maštruko (Network) on Tuesday, 8.12. will be moderated by the panel As they say Mother to me on binary. In Fintech and Insurtech industries, more and more investment and development resources are pouring in and work models are changing rapidly. Panelists Zoran Đorđević (Cotrugli), Mario Brkić (George Labs), Gorjan Agačević (Marina cloud) and Božidar Pavlović (Jackie) will talk about how technologies will affect the future of the industry and whether our next unicorn is among the hundreds of fintech startups. On Wednesday, the WinDays20 program includes keynotes - a duel between Steven Van Belleghem and Rafal Lukawiecki and a Microsoft keynote in which Anke den Ouden, Microsoft's director for Central and Eastern Europe, Tatjana Skoko, director of Microsoft Croatia, and Dimitrije Trbović, a member of the board of Auto Zubak , which will present the Neostar platform that digitally connects all participants in the vehicle market.

 As part of the technology field, one of the most popular WinDays lecturers and top technology expert Damir Dobrić will present two new open-source projects launched by Microsoft, which help build a simple microservice architecture and facilitate the development, testing and application of distributed applications. Filip Glavota (Cloudborn), with the help of Ivan Markovic (Unitfly), will introduce the participants to the Form Recognizer service and show several scenarios of use and the possibility of integration into their own solutions. Lecturers will also address machine learning, serverless technologies, security, artificial intelligence and many other topics. The business-technological direction will bring stories about technology whose application changes business. Darko Gebaei from Agrivia will present Azure FarmBeats - precision cloud agriculture. It is a cloud service for precision agriculture - which we will really need if the projections for world population growth to 9 billion by 2050 are realized, which means that we will have to produce 60% more food. Topics will include collaboration tools, applications, business digitization, and product development management.

Since we will not be gathering live, participants can join networking with individual lecturers and sponsors. Networking will take place in special "rooms" and with a smaller number of people who will be able to discuss topics of interest to them, and for the desired networking you need to apply by adding networking to your lectures. Coffee and parties will be replaced by communication via the WinDays Business Network, which allows all participants to send messages to other network members, arrange meetings and coffee, and will be able to see who all of their contacts from the Business Network are in the same "hall" and chat 1 on 1. They will be able to ask questions to the lecturers via live chat, and the lecturers will be able to pass them on to the moderators of each direction.

All conference participants during various activities will collect WinCoin points that can bring them one of the daily WinCoin prizes, and the most valuable collectors and connoisseurs of WinDays and some of the main prizes: electric bike, weekend for two at the Maistra Hotel and electric scooter.

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