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Thursday, April 23, 2020

WinDays Virtual streamed by 1,997 unique users from Croatia and the region

Virtual took place through Microsoft Teams live event and participants could listen to 11 lectures throughout the day.

WinDays Virtual, an online programme day for the WinDays20 powered by Microsoft conference, was streamed by 1,997 unique users from Croatia and the region, and recorded 5,000 log-ins during the day. Virtual took place through Microsoft Teams live event and participants could listen to 11 different lectures. A new date for the main WinDays20 conference has also been announced. It will be held from September 28th to October 1st at the Maistra Hotels in Rovinj, 

The program was run by already familiar WinDays faces, Igor Pavleković and Tomislav Tipurić, who virtually hosted 12 local and foreign lecturers. Tatjana Skoko (Microsoft) commented with moderators on how Microsoft handles remote work and how Teams assists in all of this. Addis Jugo (SysKit) expanded the world of business productivity with artificial intelligence, explaining how to use Azure Cognitive Services to analyze data on Teams and SharePoint and turn a wealth of data into a modern and smart knowledge base. Marin Frankovic (Span) presented the innovations in the infrastructure components of Microsoft Azure, explained which to choose and how to best use them. Ivica Skender and Andrej Loncaric (GDi) have shown how the modern geoinformation platform helps in crisis situations such as the recent earthquake in Zagreb and the current coronavirus epidemic. Ana-Marija Petric (Business Intelligence) presented how, in light of GDPR and Croatian language, to deal with unstructured data and what tools to use to detect sensitive data. Luka Manojlovic (MA-NO) explained why the already well-known VPN technology is a particularly interesting solution at this time when teleworking is prevalent.

To make the conference experience as similar as possible to live conferences, attendees were able to engage with commenters and ask questions for the presenters, and to demonstrateknowldege in the quiz and win prizes. WinDays are unimaginable without parties, so the program ended with the exclusive announcement of Ivan Dečak from the group Vatra, who introduced the new single "All Our Summers" live.

WinDays Virtual has only provided participants with a part of the content. They will be able to hear more at the main conference in the autumn, and will also be able to follow the Road to WinDays series of lectures in the run up to the conference, which will further present conference topics to them.

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