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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

WinDays20 keynote will answer the question of whether robots or humans win

WinDays are the only conference where you can find out if the future will be marked by robots or humans. Be sure to include the WinDays keynote in your schedule, which will take place on Wednesday, December 9th at 11:45AM!

If the WinDays20 keynote were a movie, it would probably be called Clash of the Titans.

If there would be a bet offered, it would surely have been the „best tip“ event as both participants are well-known names from the world of business and technology with a completely different background, and their duel is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th at 11:45AM. In the left corner Steven Van Belleghem. The team he plays for: business. Author of several bestsellers and keynote speaker with over 1000 presentations. An expert on the future of the user experience. In the right corner Rafal Lukawiecki. The team he plays for: technology. He has a lot of fans within the ICT community. Lecturer at major IT conferences, where he shared the stage with Bill Gates and Neil Armstrong. Data scientist and expert in artificial intelligence and advanced analysis.

They both agree that business without technology is impossible, but what do they think about controversial technology topics? What will happen to the stores - will we shop "live" or will artificial intelligence do all our shopping? Will robots take over human jobs? How far can the manipulation of our ideas go when artificial intelligence becomes a more mature technology? How far does personalization go and do we want to have personalized food based on DNA analysis? Technology largely dictates the direction in which we as a society are moving, and how we will deal with this is a question for WinDays20 keynote speakers.

We will also talk about this year's key conference topic - artificial intelligence. The lecturers will deal with artificial intelligence from various aspects, so participants will be able to learn more about smart AI services, challenges in developing products based on artificial intelligence and whether AI can help turn a lot of data into information. The I'll be back panel will investigate what Croatian companies are doing in the field of artificial intelligence and whether we are late or whether artificial technology can position Croatia on the global map as a country that creates innovations in this field.

Speakers will also present innovations in the world of Microsoft technologies, tools for collaboration and teleworking, solutions that optimize and automate business processes and increase productivity. During all three days, the program will be guided by moderators Domagoj Pavlešić and Igor Pavleković (technological track), Dinko Tipurić (business - technological track) and Željko Krizmanić (business direction), who will be your spokespersons, talk to the lecturers and pass on your questions and comments.

In addition to the online conference program, you can also participate in WinDays Hands-On live workshops at the  Mozaik Event Center in Zagreb. There are two workshops availabe: Transformation of the organization through learning and implementation of the developmental mental structure led by Mladen Milavić (Nutriteh) and Machine learning with the help of Azure Cognitive Service led by Zlatan Morić (Algebra). Hurry up with the application because the number of participants is limited due to epidemiological measures!

You won’t have a chance to hang out at coffees and WinDays parties, but you can connect through the WinDays Business Network. The upgraded version of the Business Network allows you (if you join) to contact other Network members directly, arrange a business meeting or coffee, and chat with Network members who find themselves in the same lecture. WinCoin’s most persistent collectors (virtual conference currencies) will win valuable prizes: an electric bike, a weekend for two at the Maistra Hotel and an electric scooter. 

You can still get your registration fee for online monitoring of the conference.

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