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Friday, April 5, 2019

WinDays19 overview of the last day

Check out the article and get an insight into the most interesting lectures of the last day of WinDays.

Ana Roje Ivančić and Ognjen Bajić held a lecture on topic "Azure DevOps Service - All What Your Teams Need for Efficient Work" and through series of demonstrations showed how smart tools work. They showed us how Azure DevOps integrates with other services like Slack, Trello and SonarCloud. In the end, they concluded that the Azure DevOps set of services can greatly help teams to quickly and consistently deliver high quality products regardless of the technology and platform they use.  

Tomas Ruzgys of Microsoft, with over 20 years experience in team management, introduced the Microsoft Teams Tool. Ruzgys has described in detail the architecture of this tool, platforms it supports and interesting features like integration with other tools, phone systems, live events and private channels. He emphasized that Microsoft Teams fully complied with the GDPR directive, and at the end of the presentation demonstrated the integration of this tool with SharePoint.

Bahrudin Hrnjica hosted a lecture on automated machine learning using the Azure cloud platform. Automated machine learning is the machine learning process in which it is possible to develop and train a model without human intervention, which significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of successful development and deployment of machine learning. Throughout his lecture, Hrnjica presented the entire process of building a predictive model using Automated Machine Learning.

Ivan Čuljak, software engineer and a lover of Microsoft technologies, presented an interesting approach to creating cloud applications in Serverless. Although the name suggests the way the servers are not used in this whole story, it is just the opposite. The idea is that service providers manage server resources, and developers focus on service creation. The speaker introduced the best practices and most common problems that developers encounter when using this approach. He also described the Microsoft Serverless solution called Azure Functions. 

In his lecture "Advanced Data Protection Dive Through Microsoft Information Protection Concept", Dragan Tašić revealed how Microsoft is protecting its apps. Based on a couple of simple examples, he showed that apps already take care of the identification of essential data. At the end, he concluded that with such concepts users can feel much safer.

Nenad Trajkovski from NT Consulting, took the audience through MS Project and on concrete examples he showed how to follow the project progress from the easiest to the most complicated approach. 

SQL Server developer and data scientist Tomaž Kaštrun held a lecture on Spark-based analytics service Azure Databricks. He talked about a new concept of Big data architecture and explained what exactly is Azure DataBricks and why to use it. With Azure DataBricks scaling is without limits while the service also enhances productivity and eases collaborative projects with workbook using. At the end, a demo of Core Azure DataBricks elements was shown. 

Dalibor Gotić fro Microsoft delivered a lecture on 10 ways how to reduce employee resistance when introducing changes in companies, ie change management processes. Gotić explained the implementation phases through which this resistance can be reduced. He emphasized the importance of change management for the successful development and survival of each company.

The last day of the 19th edition of the WinDays conference provided more than 30 Technology lectures from all program tracks.

At the new location in Šibenik, the WinDays19 conference brought together 2000 participants and conveyed messages about the latest technological trends, new experiences and the creation of a new future. This way we would like to thank all lecturers and participants for being a part of another unforgettable edition of WinDays. See you next year!

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