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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


WinCoin is a virtual conference currency that participants collect from various activities before and during the conference.

Before the conference the WinCoin points can be won if you participated in the conference in the previous year. During the conference, points are collected when registering, participating in each lecture, filling out the questionnaire and visiting the sponsors zone. If you sign in to your application via your account, you automatically receive 100 WinCoins to your account.

Where to see the status of WinCoin points?

The status of the points can be checked in the user profile when logging in to the official website of the conference with the help of the username and password and in the WinDays application that can be downloaded to the mobile phone. The credit balance can also be checked at the WinCoin shop during the conference - after reading the accreditation, the current status of the points will be displayed.

How can I use WinCoins?

WinCoin points can be used at WinCoin shop during the conference. WinCoin's shop offers awards of different values ‚Äč‚Äčexpressed in WinCoin points.

WinCoin Awards

Whatever the award the participant chooses, a certain number of WinCoins will be removed from his balance depending on the prize value.

Minor prizes (free coupons for WinDays parties, bike rental by Bike Also, etc.)

a) The participant chooses the prize at the WinCoin shop (ie the Bike by Also point in front of the Convention Center if he wants to rent a bike).
b) By reading the accreditation, the amount of WinCoin points equivalent to the prize is taken off
c) Participant takes the prize.

Awards of greater value

a) A participant can win a prize if he/she successfully plays the memory game at the WinCoin shop.
b) The touch screen displays a memory game board with visual awards (mixed cards with visuals of individual awards with non-winning cards).
c) In order to play the game of memory, the participant must invest as many points as the value of the highest prize on the board.
d) By reading the accreditation, the amount of WinCoin points equivalent to the highest prize is taken off.
e) In order to win a prize from the board, the participant must combine one pair in one attempt.
f) If he successfully pairs a pair, the participant wins the prize from the visual. It is also possible to merge a couple of cards that do not make a prize.

Collect your WinCoin points and maybe you'll go home carrying awesome prizes!

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