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Monday, November 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence or artificial stupidity?

Find out on Wednesday, 9.12.2020. at 11:45 a.m. at the WinDays20 conference.

Technology on the one hand promises, but on the other hand it leaves a lot of open questions, primarily ethical that we have to deal with. Some of the controversial technology and business issues we will be mentioned in the central event of the WinDays20 conference, a keynote duel of experts from two opposing fields.

In the left corner Steven Van Belleghem, an expert in maintaining long-term consumer relationships, author of several bestsellers and keynote speaker with more than 1000 presentations. He is a representative of the business team.

In the right corner Rafal Lukawiecki, a lecturer at major IT conferences, where he shared the stage with Bill Gates and Neil Armstrong, a data scientist and expert in artificial intelligence and advanced analysis with a large number of fans within the ICT community. He is a representative of the technology team.

Will our future look like in Terminator or is it a little brighter after all?

They both agree that business without technology is impossible, but what do they think about controversial technology topics?

  • What will happen to the stores - will we shop "live" or will artificial intelligence do all our shopping?
  • Will robots take over human jobs?
  • How far can the manipulation of our ideas go when artificial intelligence becomes a more mature technology?
  • How far does personalization go and do we want to have personalized food based on DNA analysis?
  • Technology largely dictates the direction in which we as a society are moving, and how we will deal with this is a question for WinDays20 keynote speakers.

We expect fireworks of opposing opinions, spectacular actions, goals, but also overtime. But what will be the outcome of the match-win or draw?

Find out on Wednesday, 9.12. at 11:45 on the WinDays20 keynote to be moderated by Dragan Petric, Executive Editor of Bug.

See you at the thought duel of the year!

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