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Monday, December 21, 2020

In healthy body a healthy mind with WinDays20 workout

At this year's WinDays, you had the opportunity to relax with our trainer Duša Petošić Tripalo and exercise your body and muscles before the conference as well as after a long sitting at the computer, watching the live broadcast of the lecture.

Physical activity is an integral part of life, and our body has a natural need to move. We live in an age of physical inactivity and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is essential for maintaining health as well as disease prevention.

However, despite increasing awareness of the positive health effects, about 60% of adults are irregularly active or completely inactive.

To help you turn five-minute recreation a daily habit during working hours, a short break from work or relaxation after a stressful and hard day, we bring you a video with a series of exercises to strengthen the legs and upper body. Pain in this area is mostly caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor breathing, either at work or at home. Insufficient movement, poor breathing and posture can worsen the discomfort in the area, so these exercises will help you primarily in raising the quality of your general health.

Exercise will relax your muscles, relieve you of the tensions that have arisen during a long sitting at an office desk, but also affect the improvement of your mental health. It is not said without reason "In a healthy body a healthy mind."

Relax and enjoy exercising with Duša!

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