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Friday, June 26, 2020

Road to WinDays online program is an introduction to the fall edition of the live conference

Road to WinDays online program will bring four live lectures and a panel discussion on July 2nd. The live broadcast will be available to watch via Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and the content is free for all.

After the successful WinDays Virtual online program day at the end of April, which brought together 1,997 unique participants, WinDays will bring Road to WinDays, an online program that will combine business and technology topics, on July 2 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Road to WinDays will broadcast live from WinDays studio in Zagreb's Mozaik Event Center, and everyone will be able to follow it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube without prior registration or registration.

The new living and business environment of the last few months has forced us to adapt, but also opened up a number of questions. How to organize a working day in new circumstances? Is working from home as safe as working from the office? Do online events replace physical ones and how to organize an online seminar or conference at all? Road to WinDays will cover some current topics and give participants practical and expert advice. All lecturers and panelists will participate in the program from WinDays studios (following all the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters), and participants will be able to ask them questions via social networks where there will be a live broadcast.

The program will bring several lectures in a short, dynamic format and a panel discussion during which you will be able to find out what is needed to organize virtual events and what are the differences between physical, virtual and hybrid events. During the lockdown, most people worked from home, so various IT systems had to "survive" additional workloads. Ilija Ranogajec (Span) will reveal the secret of the IT system's resilience to all the challenges of the modern age. Filip Glavota (Cloudborn) will explain why today we no longer have to be programmers or data scientists to be able to use artificial intelligence to automate business processes. Encouraged by the recent lockdown and work from home that occurred as a result, Igor Pavleković decided to prepare a lecture on the topic of remote work safety. Through the lecture, Igor will introduce us to the most common types of security attacks, tell us what to do to prevent them and how to defend or recover from them. We have also prepared a round table and a panel discussion entitled: Events, physical, virtual and hybrid - what does the future of the event industry look like? in which Tomislav Tipurić will participate as a moderator and Ivan Burazin, Željko Krizmanić and Tea Krpan.

Road to WinDays continues the new practice of online presence of WinDays conference during a challenging public health situation, so before the WinDays20 powered by Microsoft conference which will be held in Maistra hotels in Rovinj from September 28 to October 1, 2020, another Road to WinDays program day will be held in early September.

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