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Thursday, April 4, 2019

WinDays19 Technology Keynote

Check out the summary of Technology Keynote on which the following lecturers participated: Tomislav Tipurić, Igor Pavleković, Ivica Ivančić, Damir Dobrić i Alen Delić.

First guest of the Keynote was Alen Delić (Diverto) who, on the example of Singapore, talked about the mass application of IoT technology at the level of the whole city. He mentioned the benefits of collecting large amounts of traffic data on the city level and numerous possibilities for forecasting and optimising traffic. However, he also highlighted major privacy issues arising from this type of mass data collection. He stressed that every individual must not be led by the masses and should take care of his or her privacy rights. He concluded that in legally regulated sectors such as banking and telecommunications, more attention is paid to Cybersecurity, and the importance of legislation on the protection of personal data is evident. Due to the lack of regulation in IoT devices, today we are often witnessing massive Cyber attacks on this type of device.

The second guest of the Keynote was Damir Dobrić (Daent GmbH) who demonstrated the use of artificial intelligence on a practical example. During his lecture, he developed a simple application to recognize numbers from the images, of handwritten digits, by means of machine learning using the Microsoft framework. After that, Dorić talked about various usage of machine learning and pointed out that in medical research, the use of machine learning was achieved in detecting and diagnosing tumors based on X-rays.

The last guest of the Keynote was Ivica Ivančić (Microsoft) who gave a lecture on the Microsoft Power Platform package. The Microsoft Power Platform package consists of three Microsoft products – PowerApps, Power BI and Flow. With the help of demonstrative app for predicting the risk of obtaining diabetes, he demonstrated in a humorable way the risk of getting diabetes on a colleague Igor, based on his physical data. After the demonstration, Ivančić briefly explained the material of the aforementioned app and emphasized the ease of development of such an application. It is Important to emphasize that the development of such an application does not require a significant resource stake, but it is possible to develop such an application in a painless manner, with minimal effort and without a single line of code written.

AT the end, in the short discussion, lecturers emphasised the importance of joint cooperation between the field of business and technology, in order to achieve maximum optimization of each part of the business with technology, but also the maximum practical application of each technology.

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