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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WinDays19 Digital4Innovation - special content for both Business and Technology attendees

The second of the conference is bringing a joint program for all participants. Find out more!

As some of you may have already seen, we are preparing a special treat for you this year - a full day of real IT business content on our annual WinDays Conference in its 19th incarnation. WinDays are (and have been) the largest business and technology conference in the region. However, these two audiences have always been separated - business having content on day one and half of day 2, and technology starting in the afternoon of day 2 and lasting until early afternoon of day 4. This year we are changing that - we want to connect these audiences because we believe that we are living in the time when the walls need to be torn down, silos broken, and business and IT need to start working as one. So, for all of you attending WinDays Technology - now would be the right time to talk to your manager and book that extra night, since on Wednesday the 3rd, we are starting early with the program - at 9.00 AM sharp.

First one who will start with breaking the silos is our keynote speaker, Haydn Shaughnessy, well-known author and speaker who worked with companies and organizations such as SWIFT, CLS, RBS, The Swiss Stock Exchange, and Fujifilm on disruption and how to respond to it. In his opening session, he will provide us with the framework and techniques for bridging the divide between business and IT, bringing true agility to the enterprise and improving competitiveness in a changing economy.

The main idea behind this whole day is that current era’s defining technology is information (digital) technology, and innovators (everyone involved in the process of creating new products and services or improving current ones) in defining technology are the ones creating the future. There are 2 elements or two categories of parties involved – IT creators (the ones that are creating new technology) and IT users (the ones that are using new technology to create new products and services in their business) and they both have their own process and their own experiences. Innovations created by these, on the first look, separate processes, are actually connected, and one without the other will not produce value, which is the critical part for the innovation – if it doesn’t bring value, it’s not an innovation, but just an experiment. That synergy is the basis of our content for this year's edition of WinDays Conference.

After this introduction to the topic, we will go through various examples of innovation amongst both IT creators and IT users. The first one to come to the stage will be Davor Aničić, from media group Styria talking about how the traditional media company created its own AI team and implemented deep learning methods in digital publishing. Since one of the hot topics in the AI world is, of course, ethics, we brought Daria Brashkina from Microsoft legal, to talk about various approaches and processes which are required while creating AI technology in order to ensure that technology, however advanced, is still ethical.

Robert Preskar, head of digitalization from Rimac Automobili, famous electric car producers, will guide us through their story of implementing IT innovation in their production processes. Ilija Brajković from Kontra, one of the most influential digital marketers in the region, will talk about automation of various parts of the business as a necessary part of digital transformation journey, i.e. automation of customer support, marketing automation etc.

We will also have the best 3 examples of Croatian development agencies whose operational model revolves around bringing IT innovation into business models of their customers. Luka Abrus from Five will take us through their ten years' experience in customer transformation. Tomislav Car from Infinum will give us the first-hand difference between running a Services and Product business which is becoming more and more important in their organization from the point when they started to put in the software product their own know-how of running a software agency. Goran Kalanj from Serengeti will talk about their model of ambassadorship for their clients - the idea that agency employees become the extension of their client's team to create even greater business value.

Samir Baručija, head of R&D office in Signify (ex Philips Lightning) will tell us how new technology disrupted their own business and what thing they needed to change, what new products and services to create in order to stay competitive on the market. Željko Bak from InfoBip, one of the biggest omnichannel communication companies in the world, will talk about the importance of CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) and how it enables us to easily deliver the ability to use any modern channel of communication that fits their specific needs and use cases to our customers.

We will sum everything up with the panel discussion which will take place on the Central Ceremony. The main stars, who spoke on this day of the conference, will discuss the topic “IT Innovation for new business models”.

As you can see from this short intro - this will be an interesting day. We are bringing you the best of the best our region has to offer, enriched with few speakers with the world-wide experience in the business. As I stressed in the first paragraph - if you haven't already registered for the conference, do it immediately via this link. If you are attending just the Technology conference, book an extra night on Tuesday, be there on Wednesday and you enjoy some of the best Business-IT content y

Author: Tomislav Tipurić

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