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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

WinDays19 Business Keynote

The first day of the WinDays Business conference brought us the keynote lecture by Tatjana Skoko. What was in the focus of the lecture, find out in the article below.

The topic of the WinDays Business keynote was the digital transformation that businesses are taking over today and the ways Microsoft promotes and helps transformation. The mission of Microsoft is to empower every individual and organization to deliver the best services to their users.

Digital transformation needs to be implemented in a way that will result in employee empowerment, user empowerment, process optimization, and product transformation to end-users. With its solutions, Microsoft helps organizations in the field of modern work environments, business applications (Dynamics 365), applications and infrastructure (Azure platform), and data and artificial intelligence. The combination of these solutions satisfies the needs of the mentioned guidelines.

In order for organizations to survive in today's digital society, it is of the utmost importance to put users in the center of the business strategy, emphasized Skoko. With agile and fast responses to market demands, companies create a competitive edge, and secure both for themselves and customers a brighter future.

During the lecture, a lot of focus was put on the artificial intelligence that is increasingly represented in all industries. Microsoft's view of artificial intelligence is divided into three main segments: empowering programmers to create innovations, empowering organizations to transform industries and empowering people (users) to transform society.

On the example of PowerPoint, Skoko has shown how artificial intelligence offers it's users ready-made solutions such as presentation design proposals, and on the example of Outlook which by using machine learning, separates emails that are in focus from the others.

As a guest of Business Keynote, Marko Poljak, the director of NEWTON technologies, presented a technology and system that converts speech to text with a focus on Slavic languages, which is fully personalized and tailor-made to the user. He also noted his collaboration with Microsoft and listed the products they use in a day-to-day business - Power IB, Cognitive Services and Azure Cloud.

Another guest of the Business Keynote, Toma┼ż Valjavac, presented an example of a webshop that has an integrated chatbot, a live chat that helps and guides the user through the buying process. After the user sends their query, the system automatically recognizes the user's preferences and accordingly changes the web page. The system also has the ability to customize the page to the user through the image recognition, and according to the location where the user is located, the digital assistant offers the closest sales point to the user.

Example on how Gorenje uses chatbot on their UK website was also mentioned, together with a HP example, whose chatbot successfully addresses up to 75% of the received queries.

The conclusion of today's keynote is the importance of applying digital transformation in every industry with the aim of increasing the company's competitiveness on an increasingly saturated market. With a holistic view of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to find solutions that will create value for both business and end users.

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