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Impact of EU structural funds in research and innovation: the experience of the Lithuanian 'Valleys’

During 2007-2008 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania developed an integrated science, studies and business centres’ (so called - “Valleys”) concept and approved five “Valley” programmes. The programmes involved R&D and innovation infrastructure development and equipment upgrade projects. This investment and appropriate projects were expected to enable achieving and contributing to the objectives defined in the Programme: (i) create, modernise, update infrastructure; (ii) strengthen the interaction between science, academic studies and business activities; (iii) create conditions for the cooperation between businesses and research; (iv) increase the competitiveness of sciences and technologies on the international market. Jointly, the main aim of the Valleys is to promote the rapid development of the R&D and innovation, meet international standards, enabling training of world-class professionals, creating new internationally competitive high-added value knowledge and products, promoting high-tech businesses, advanced technologies and innovation in high-tech industries and traditional sectors of the economy, culture and social environment. During the presentation the best practices, pros, cons, and related issues hindering the successful achievement of the aim and objectives will be presented

Birute Bobrovaite - Jurkone


Birute Bobrovaitė – Jurkonė has over 8 years of experience in advisory services in EY Baltic. She is a project manager having huge experience in management and coordination (strategic, tactical, technical) of high investment Programmes, Cost control, Business planning, Corporate restructuring, and other advisory services in different sectors in CSE region. Previously, Birutė was a researcher, engineer at the Lithuanian Energy Institute and academic lecturer at the Faculty of Natural Science Vytautas Magnus University and Researcher, Fellowship member of Metallurgy laboratory, Poitiers University, France.