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Discovering and documenting the world’s most exciting education case studies. Learn how Finland is improving one of the best education systems in the world with the Project HundrED.

Lasse Leponiemi


Lasse Leponiemi is Partner and Chief Operating Officer at SCOOL, a company reforming education through its HundrED approach and scalable formats like Campus, Dreamdo and Triplet News For decades the Finnish school system has been considered one of the best in the world. The goal of HundrED is to help Finland maintain a world-leading education system. HundrED is taking an in depth study of the next 100 years of K-12 education with 100 global thought leaders interviews, 100 exciting educational case studies & 100 new trailed innovations in schools in Finland. Findings will be shared with the world for free. Lasse has been working with youth education and career planning since 2003. In 2008, he founded an estudent counseling and marketing service whose clientele included everyone in Finland that was interested in university studies, reaching over 100.000 students monthly. When the company merged with the biggest prep-course provider in Finland in 2011 Lasse co-founded the NGO Mentors of Finland, which helps over 400 unemployed young people get a job every year. Since 2012 Lasse has been working at SCOOL developing four different education formats – used by forerunner teachers in over 30 countries. More information: