utorak, 28. ožujka 2017.

Intervju: Sander Berkouwer

Saznajte od Microsoft MVP - a novosti na području Active Directory Services i Azure MFA Server i što možemo očekivati od njegovog predavanja na ovogodišnjoj konferenciji.

As a speaker you have participated at many conferences, you work as a consultant, Chief Technology Officer, you are the owner of nine Microsoft MVP awards and have been nominated twice for the Veeam Vanguard Award. Can you single out, out of your rich career, the field that you enjoy most?

It's the combination of garnering feedback (as a consultant and speaker) to take back to the Microsoft product teams and Veeam (as Microsoft MVP and Veeam Vanguard), and in turn being able to share earlier and more (as a speaker, but also on DirTeam.com, the website I'm the CTO for), that does it for me. I could not do one without the others and, therefore, I enjoy them all.

Through your blog posts you often write about popular themes like Active Directory Services and Azure MFA Server. What are the latest news and changes/modifications in this field of technology?

Azure Active Directory changes daily. Its PowerShell module, but also Azure AD Connect and MFA Server get new versions almost on a monthly basis. It all happens at breakneck speed. I'm lucky as a consultant at a large international, technologically mature corporation to be on the frontline of these products and technologies. This way my team sees the changes as they happen. Although all these changes is too much to share here, the convergence of all endpoints to the Microsoft Graph API is a common theme. I feel Azure AD in the New Portal is the most exciting one for most organizations.

WinDays Conference has a reputation as one of the most important and most popular business - technology conferences in the region. How many times have you been involved in the WinDays Conference and to who would you recommend coming to Windays?

WinDays 15 in Umag was my first WinDays conference, and I've been at WinDays ever since. I remember all three of my WinDays conferences fondly. If you're an administrator or developer in a Microsoft-oriented networking and/or cloud environment, WinDays is the place to be this April!

At last year´s conference you talked about how participants can successfully create a hybrid identity in their environment. Which topic have you prepared for this year´s conference and what can the participants expect from your lecture?

Hybrid Identity is my passion. Unsurprisingly, I've created a new session with this theme. In my 'Azure AD Connect, Inside out' session, I share all the details on this free, yet powerful tool from Microsoft. Not just the good, but also the bad and ugly.

And finally, what kind of advice would you give to your younger colleagues who have just started building their way up in the IT world?

People who have been in this industry for quite some time, might tell you the only good administrator is a lazy one. I disagree with that. I feel the new generation is able to make development and integration possible through code. Everything is code, and everything begins with lifecycle management. If the first thing you do when you implement a new technology, is to think about how to keep stuff up to date and in check, then you'll be lightyears ahead of all those 'old guys'.

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